The Okiedog shuttle travel bag helps mum’s around the world shuttle the responsibilities of parenthood on the road, Shuttle is the perfect travel companion. But Shuttle is so much more. It is the perfect bag for babies that just require that little bit extra in clothes, food and toys. The shuttle has space for it all. The bottles, nappies and wet wipes can be stored easily accessible from the outside in the front pocket. But there is more, the okiedog parent zone turns Shuttle into a handbag replacement, so that mum does not need to carry an extra bag. Okiedog, we make it easy to look after babies. The shuttle travel bag easily attaches to strollers with the okiedog designed push chair clip system clipix, a system that makes it possible to add optional accessory to the buggy like cup holders, bottle holders, flashlights and more. Thanks to clipix it is possible to fix and remove the changing bag with one hand from the stroller. No complicated buckles or carabineer hooks, just a simple hook.


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