Backyard Discovery Beach Front Wooden Cedar Swing Set


Beach Front Cedar Wooden Swing Set:Key Benefits:

  • Kids benefit from frequent physical activity and exercise
  • You benefit from knowing the kids are secure in your own backyard
  • Cedar is ideal for outdoor swing sets. It is lightweight and dimensionally stable while durable and naturally resistant to bugs, termites, mold and decay. Cedar is excellent for humid climates.
  • Maximum of 9 children is recommended for this swing set
  • Weight limit: maximum of 120 lbs per child is recommended for play activities designed for multiple child use
  • Weight limit: maximum of 150 lbs per child is recommended for play activities designed for individual use

What’s Included:

  • 4′ deck, 1/2 picnic table with bench and light blue/lime trim canopy tarp
  • monkey bars
  • two 22″ blue swings with blue chain
  • 1 blue acrobat bar with blue chain
  • Light blue/red/lime green tarp roof
  • 4′ rock wall ladder with 6 small assorted rocks
  • 8′ light blue and lime green speedy slide
  • Wooden toy box
  • Light blue steering wheel
  • dark blue/light blue telescope
  • Please note that this item ships in multiple boxes, and the boxes may arrive at different times


  • Playcenter is designed to be installed on a level surface — place in a flat area of your yard to minimize ground preparation
  • Choose a level location for the equipment — this can reduce the likelihood of the play set tipping over and loose-fill surfacing material washing away during heavy rains
  • Place equipment not less than 6′ from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical wires
  • Provide enough room so that the children can use the equipment safely
  • It is a good idea to place your Playcenter in an area that is convenient for adults to watch children at play
  • Do not build your playset on top of surfacing material
  • Locate bare metal platforms and slides out of direct sunlight to reduce the likelihood of serious burns — a slide that faces north will receive the least direct sunlight
  • Separate active and quiet activities from each other

Setup and Safety Information:

  • Instructions are included
  • Assembly requires 2 moderately skilled people for 8-10 hours
  • Approximate overall dimensions: 14’1″ L x 14’5″ D x 9’10” H

Age Range: 3 to 10 years

  • For questions about this swing set, please call 855-308-6871


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