Product Description

  • Is a unique handy travel steriliser that lets you sterilise one bottle at a time
  • Compact enough to stay in your microwave and pack in a changing bag
  • Quick enough to use for nighttime feeds and safe to use any time, anywhere
  • It’s suitable for use in the microwave or can be used as a cold water steriliser
  • Completely free from the chemical bisphenol-A
  • The steriliser conforms to the latest bottle feeding guidelines, which suggest you make up one bottle at a time
  • The Single Bottle Steriliser is really easy to use in just three simple steps
  • Step 1 – Fill base with cold water
  • Step 2- Load up with bottle
  • Step 3 – Place in microwave for 4 minutes
  • It comes complete with Closer to Nature Bottle
  • Capacity: 260 ml


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